Our Growers


Kyogle Garlic Growers are farmers from all sorts and shapes of farms. We are macadamia farmers, market garden farmers, beef cattle farmers, hobby farmers and lifestyle farmers. However we all have one thing in common, we all grow garlic.

What our farmers have to say about Kyogle Garlic:

“Being involved in Kyogle Garlic allowed me to work in a community of supportive farmers that aim to produce a high quality product. Kyogle Garlic are the reason that I have had a successful year and look forward to many more years to come.” – Terry

“Being part of Kyogle Garlic means we are involved in an industry we have long admired – chemical free. We are now part of a farming community that has healthy ethics at its core and we work alongside some of Kyogle’s finest locals.” – Lisa

“Establishing Kyogle Garlic has given me new friendships and connections with people who I would otherwise not have known. I now have a busy social life visiting all our farmers and my children love learning about the farming lifestyle. I am also continually amazed at how farmers from all walks and shapes of lifestyles have come together to form Kyogle Garlic.” – Lyla

“Being part of an amazing group of dedicated farmers who are committed to producing top quality garlic is a very rewarding experience and it’s Australian.” – John