Our Varieties

Elephant Garlic


Elephant garlic also commonly known as Russian Garlic (while not actually from the country Russia as the name may suggest) is the champion of garlic for its sheer size. It is a close relative of the leek and thrives in the warmer climate around Kyogle. It is particularly hardy and never fails to produce throughout the varied seasons experienced. The garlic forms a bulb of 4 to 6 cloves. Individual bulbs can weigh up to 500gm each and measure 130mm in diameter.

Elephant garlic is sought after by chefs for its extremely large cloves, ease of peeling and high yield. At present this garlic is also growing in popularity for its use in fermented products including sauerkrauts and cashew nut cheeses. This is one garlic that can be eaten raw and is popular in traditional eastern European coleslaw salads.

Purple Garlic

The Glen Large variety is grown as an early season purple garlic. This variety is well suited to the Northern NSW warmer climate. It is harvested from September onwards. This garlic forms a tear drop shape bulb and averages 10 cloves per bulb. Skin colouring ranges from shades of purple and white with some pink shades not uncommon depending on the growing season.

Glen Large has a nice mild heat and intensity to its flavor. It is commonly used in a range of culinary dishes.

Garlic product comes in five forms:

A bulb – a bulbous collection of cloves covered by the papery sheaths.

Cloves – individual cloves that have been separated out from the bulbs.

Onions – these are not onions as such but are cloves that have formed as a single round. They can be quite large, the size of a small orange, and taste and cook exactly the same as a normal clove.

‘Green garlic’ – is garlic that is freshly harvested and has not been cured. It needs to be treated with more care and either stored to dry or in the refrigerator.

‘Garlic flower scapes’ –these are available upon request.